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Mike Polomski

 Email: mike@countysouth.biz
 Office: 843-754-6058
 Fax: 888-758-7843


Mike is a 30 year US Navy Nuclear Submarine Veteran. Stationed for 19 years in Charleston, SC, he and his wife Peggy have owned a home right here in the Low Country since 1978. He retired from Naval Service in 2006. During his Naval career, he and his wife Peggy opened and managed a Mechanical Contracting Business in Charleston with 15 employees for about 3 years, prior to moving to Honolulu for about 10 years while serving his country. As a trained instructor and Nuclear Supervisor for over 20 years, he earned his Bachelors Degree in Applied Science and Technology with an emphasis in Nuclear Engineering from Thomas Edison State College; Trenton, NJ. 

Not satisfied with status quo, he entered the Real Estate Business in 2006. He and his wife Peggy joined up with the team of professional Brokers at County South in September of 2009. Mike completed his specialized training as a Broker-in-Charge in September of 2010 and opened County South's newest franchise. We are located in the heart of the Tri-County area of Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester County's. As Brokers for County South, Cane Bay Realty, and Team "PREP" or Professional Real Estate Partners; Mike and Peggy are well suited to take care of all your Commercial or Business dealings as we draw on the wealth of experience of owning our own business and that of our team of Professional Brokers and Realtors®.

"A Smooth Sale Begins With PREP"

Testimonials for Mike Polomski

Irene Carr

Dear Mike & Peggy,

            I want to thank you both enormously for the extraordinary services you performed in helping me buy my new house. You simply couldn't have been more helpful with your advice and professionalism.  Short sales are a pain but you two worked it like the PROS you are.

            All around the experience couldn't have gone more smoothly.

            The special thoughtfulness you showed belongs to very few,    "Wishing you the best". "Thanks so much for being you"                                                                                                                                                                                    Sincerely

                                                                                                Irene Carr

P.S. Your card was the first piece of mail delivered here

John Holmes


January 18, 2013

This is a testimonial concerning Mike & Peggy Polomski at County South Cane Bay Realty. My home just sold because of their hard work & Diligence. They will work hard night & day to ensure that you will be represented in a professional way; doing whatever it takes to get the job done. They are truly professional at what they do and I recommend them highly to anyone who wants to sell their home. I am truly grateful for their time and energy that they invested in selling my home. I'm sure that they will work just as hard for you.

Signed, a truly happy and satisfied customer

J. H.

Joel Merritt

Joel Merritt, Broker/Consultant, County South Realty & Business Brokers
worked with Mike Polomski at County South Cane Bay Group LLC
Joel Merritt (Owner at Merritt Designs & Illustrations)

"Mike is a man of great integrity, honesty and ethics which has not always been my experience in his industry - His willingness to put in the time necessary it takes to get the job done is un-equal to none. I highly recommend Mike if you are looking to purchase or sell a business." February 12 2012

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