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Selling Your Business



Why involve a broker and pay the FEE ?

* Many sellers undersell their business because they do not know the market well enough to determine what it's worth. Allow us to do a free evaluation for you so you're aware of where your business stands in the market.

* TIME & MONEY! (Your most valuable assets!)

Do you have time to spend talking to and dealing with buyers? It's statistically proven that 90% of buyers that begin the search for a business, never buy! Let us weed out that 90% for you.

Advertising is the largest monetary expense involved in selling a business. Where are the best places to advertise to reach the type of buyer you're looking for? In years past we have tried nearly every source of advertising in order to find the most effective way to lead us to the type of buyers we are looking for. We advertise in a variety of ways including the internet, newspapers, and many other publications from coast to coast.

* It is also statistically proven that 50% of deals that go "under contract" never make it to a closing. One of the main reasons for this is that buyers get "cold feet." We can help to prepare the buyer for this, answering questions and helping in advance, in order to arrive at a closing with success. Another reason for this statistic is that buyers are not prepared for the types of issues that WILL arise and how to deal with them to get fair resolutions, and ultimately, to smoothly sell their business!

* Most buyers are not familiar with how to form a corporation, apply and obtain licenses, financing, and plan for a smooth transition. We help the buyers through the entire process from offer to close. This insures that they are as prepared as possible.

Want to boost your possibility of selling? In today's market it is especially helpful if the seller will do some owner financing. With the banking situation the way it is, getting a loan is harder than ever. Many buyers have substantial down payments but getting financing is still difficult. It helps if the seller is open to some creative ways to make a deal work out. At the proper time your County South Business broker is ready to suggest things that have worked in the past. 

* Ready to sell?

Here's a checklist of the items you should get together:

  • Three years' profit and loss statements including current YTD
  • Two years' Federal Income Tax returns for the business
  • List of fixtures and equipment
  • Copy of Lease and lease-related documents
  • List of the loans against the business (balance due)
  • Copies of any equipment leases  
  • Copy of the franchise agreement, if applicable
  • Approximate amount of the inventory on hand, if applicable
  • List of any item used in business excluded from sale
  • Summary of what makes your business unique

At County South we believe that building healthy, strong relationships with our clients builds a great business! Our brokers have extensive knowledge and experience in your market. Contact an agent at County South today! 704-814-9435 or 919-777-6878

**References are available upon request**

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